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Names and other similar personal information provided by the user is collected.

Information is used to identify and store data generated by the application.

Personal information is not shared. It is kept for use by the application.

All information can be deleted from the application by the user.

Biographic Information for Author (James Snook):

Author's previous Track and Field Competition was for nine seasons during High School and College.
The competition did include local, county, regional, and state competition and also such events as the Kansas Relays.
Several Long Jump and Triple Jump Championships from local to state level.

Author worked in the Aviation, Medical, and Communications fields after graduating from college as an Electrical Engineer.
This work included aerodynamic simulation of aircraft and missiles (Two Invention Disclosures).
Work in the medical field included Sports Medicine (Six Patents).

Author is presently a Certified Java Software Engineer and also a Registered Professional Engineer-Emeritus.

Author holds degrees from Arizona State University (MSE) and Kansas State University (BSEE).

Author has also completed additional graduate studies and research.

Author is a Former Master Certified USATF Track and Field Official.

Author is a Former Level 1 Certified USATF Track and Field Coach.

Author resumed competing in Track and Field Masters competition in 2001.
The competition did include several local, state, regional, national, and world Masters and Senior competitions.
Several Sprint, Triple Jump, and Long Jump Championships from local to national level.

Author has several USATF Masters All American Awards for Track and Field Events.